Synthes is a manufacturer of osteosynthetic implants and instruments

They sell products for the treatment of:

  • General trauma
  • CMF craniomaxillofacial trauma
  • Trauma and reconstruction of the spine
  • Power tools
  • Biomaterials

Mathys is a Swiss family company with a longstanding tradition in joint endoprosthetics.


  • Orthopedic endoprosthetics

  • Sport orthopedics

  • Biomaterials

Scaffdex is a company from Finland that manufactures RegJoint™, a bioresorbable implant for small joints in the hands and feet for use in patients with rheumatoid disorders and osteoarthritis.

BonAlive is a company from Finland that manufactures the innovative bioactive glass for the filling, reconstruction, and regeneration of bone defects, that also inhibits bacterial growth.

NCS Lab is an Italian company that manufactures instruments and implants for arthroscopic procedures in the joints.

PSM is a German company that manufactures and sells orthodontic appliances.